Introducing Buggerzzz candles!

Buggerzzz soy wax candles are infused with some of nature's most powerful bug repellents. Cedar shavings, rosemary, citronella, and other essential oils release a pleasant aroma for almost any environment. They're made for the outdoors, but we think you'll love them in any room of you house.

Warning: each candle contains small pieces of cedar and natural herbs that can be flammable (that's how they work). Don't leave your Buggerzzz unattended.

The Orginal Soak 'n Smoke Campire Chips™

Buggers are made from high quality cedar shavings that are infused with plants, herbs, and other essential oils that are well known for their bug repellent properties.

Simply soak the chips for 15–30 minutes in their bag and sprinkle (or spread) them around the campfire's hot coals.

The smoke from the soaked chips fills your campfire with pleasant aromas of cedar, lemongrass, and other fragrant organics.

The Buggerzzz aroma even works out of the fire! Simply leave the organic bags of chips in areas where you want to discourage the pesky pests. People love it. Bugs hate it.

How to Use Buggerzzz

Buggerzzz is perfect for campers, hikers, backyard bonfire enthusiasts, and anyone who enjoys being outdoors without getting eaten alive. While Buggerzzz are designed to spread near the hot coals of your campfire and on top of burning logs, the infused wood chips also work well right in the bag. Simply leave the dry Buggerzzz in the bag and place in areas where you want to repel some of the outdoors' most unwanted guests. Pro tip: strategically placed bags help keep mice away too!

DIRECTIONS: Once your campfire is burning, sprinkle the Buggerzzz around the edge of the fire—close enough so they get hot and smoke but far enough away so they don't immediately burn away. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the pleasant aromas of cedar, lemongrass, and other all-natural ingredients.

CAUTION: Observe all fire safety guidelines and exercise good common sense. If you want do adjust your Buggerzzz after you put them near the fire, use a stick. Fingers burn.

Steaming Works Too!

Experienced campers know there is more than one way to use their Buggerzzz. Hanging a soaked bag where it's close enough to get hot and far away enough to not burn gives the organically infused wood chips a chance to steam and release their pleasant, but potent aroma.

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